Granny Flat Investments

Granny flats are a great investment addition to a property portfolio. We can say this confidently, as we have seen dozens of our clients get a positive return on their investment.

The team at Mortgage Partners Australia have looked into this in detail and found that it’s a great way to convert a negatively geared property to positively geared, with minimal capital outlay. They lay out a scenario whereby the yield of the example property shifts from 8.59% to 15.18% with the addition of a granny flat 100 per cent financed at $125,000. If you are a savvy property investor we urge you to read this article – just click here.

A granny flat can provide:

  • A positively geared investment, giving you an extra $195 each week in your hand or $10,000 per year.
  • Rental yields of 15% each year.
  • Tax depreciation benefits of up to $6,000 per year.
  • A tangible asset that you can see and touch.

Calculator - Newcastle Designer Granny Flats

Return on Investment Calculator

Click here to find your Return on Investment you can get from adding a granny flat to your property!